We assemble, commission, maintain, refurbish, store your rental hardware.

virtualfab offers fabless operations to scale hardware enabled business models. While others just provide SKU-based fulfillment, we serve devices such as autonomous robots, video surveillance stations or medical devices that shall be rented out.

virtualfab integrates perfectly to your processes and workflows while providing in depth documentation and full transparency of every service step executed. You can keep track of your device’s condition before and after rental to gain legal certainty in case of customer dispute. The technical expertise of our service team allows execution of configuration and maintenance tasks. So your device is always in optimal shape and your customers get a perfect rental experience.

The smooth and rapid return to service of your equipment is essential for the success of a rental-based business model. With virtualfab, you have an all-inclusive service partner that grows with your business at attractive conditions and is fully digitalized. Our service team will support you right from the start: Definition of service orders, price optimization, ramp-up. We are ready to support you and your business model.

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What our customers say

Highly specialized supply partners and direct access to all assemblies in our own
virtualfab – there‘s no easier way to outsource your manufacturing today.

Christian Uhlmann
Purchasing Manager – voxeljet AG

When working with virtualfab, I particularly liked the smooth service. They offer direct access to all components of the product, so that adjustments can be
communicated quickly. From the idea phase to implementation, everything is centrally organized.

Sven-Nils Kossow
Project Manager – Bystronic Deutschland GmbH

I can easily scale my capacities to meet my customer’s demand by attaching a virtualfab to my in-house facilities.

Lars Leber
Sales Manager – SAE Schaltanlagenbau Erfurt GmbH


    Frequently asked questions about virtualfab’s offering.

    What is virtualfab’s offering?

    We founded the company in order to provide manufacturing, assembly and maintenance services to business customers in a modern, digitized manner. We combine more than 20 years of experience in industrial engineering, device assembly services and engineering with state-of-the-art coding skills. Furthermore, we believe that fabless business models of our clients are the got to strategy to take in order to build and grow future-proof hardware enabled business models. So what we do is quite simple: we execute assembly and maintenance tasks on physical products and therefore operate fulfillment centers. We provide API-based control to our work, which makes the integration of operations to our clients processes and workflows flawless.

    What is a service task?

    When renting out a product to your customer, several tasks might be necessary to perform: such as configuration and packaging before shipment, creating a photo-documentation of the goods shipped. As you are outsourcing those steps to virtualfab, the tasks need to be specified before execution.

    How do I specify a service task?

    Most customers provide an instruction or service manual in order to specify how operations should be done. However, in order to facilitate the creation of such a manual, virtualfab provides an app which makes creation of an instruction a breeze. Using our app, you can create multiple steps, add pictures of the before/after, specify the tools to use and get feedback from the service technician.